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Solid Prefinished

Prefinished Solid hardwoods are available in different thickness, the 3/4 of an inch is the standard thickness and thinner products are also available. Sizes start at 5/16 of an inch with more selections at 3/8 to 1/2 inch.

Prefinished solid wood can be refinished but in most cases you will lose the warranty from the manufacturer.

Prefinished Solid Wood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring


Solid Custom Finish

Solid Wood FlooringSolid hardwoods that are finished on site are also available in different thickness: 3/4 of an inch is still the standard, and thinner products are also available. Sizes start at 5/16 of an inch with more selections at 3/8 to 1/2 inch. Usually this type of flooring does not come with a warranty on the finish and could be refinished when your floors worn or bare spots begin to appear, and scratches become too much. In most cases you may choose to change the wood color, or the sheen level of the wood.


Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood Flooring is real Wood from top to bottom, it is not laminate. Laminate is melamine-infused paper on top, wood chip composite on bottom. There are many species of engineered wood flooring such as Hickory, Oak, Maple and much more. Most engineered wood comes with a top finished layer from the manufacturer, which means that it is already sanded and sealed and you could walk on as soon as the floor has been laid.

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Area Rugs

Area Rugs can improve your home décor and give new look to a room from the ground up with style.

Common belief that “It is far easier and less expensive to purchase paint and window treatments to match your rug than find an area rug to match your colors and fabric” and this is not the case at Nadine. The huge selection of colors, styles, and materials we carry at our stores, and our ability to turn any of it into an area rug of any size any shape makes this possible.

Measure your room and determine the size and shape of the area rug you need, and let us do the job for you.


Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

We carry a broad variety of porcelain and ceramic tiles in our stores. Your perfect tile is only a visit away
Tile stands for elegance, beauty and style. It is durable, exciting, versatile, and adds value to your home.

The diversity in styles and in production makes tile an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchen. It is impervious to moisture and able to cover the entire room with fluent design and grace. Accent tiles provide a touch of flare to give the entire room the feel you expect, whether rustic or contemporary.

Tile floors are becoming more popular to use throughout your whole home. High quality tile flooring maintains its luster and could last a lifetime.

forcelain and ceramic tile porcelain and ceramic tile forcelain and ceramic tile


Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone is strong flooring, stable and should last a life time. Natural stones are rich, organic, beautiful surface, and have timeless “presence” in any room. Granite, Marble, Travertine and Slate are some of the natural stones we always carry in stock, at a competitive price. Natural stones are majestic and have been an important part of architecture throughout history.

natural stone flooring natural stone flooring natural stone flooring natural stone flooring natural stone flooring natural stone flooring natural stone flooring natural stone flooring natural stone flooring natural stone flooring natural stone flooring



We offer top quality products and installation for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and bar areas. Do not forget to ask our sales representatives about specials on sinks.

Get the FACTS and visit The Marble Institute of America's Website and read their comprehensive release on how granite countertops are safe. http://www.marble-institute.com/industryresources/granite_radoninfo.cfm

granite granite granite granite granite granite granite



It is amazing how backsplash work in the kitchen could transform an outdated kitchen into a beautiful space. We have done so many projects throughout the years using Natural Stones, Granite, Glass tiles and custom designs. Below are some ideas for a kitchen backsplash with style at low price.

Visit one of our stores, to help you create a fresh focal point for your kitchen. We will help!!

Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash nadine floors nadine floors



Vinyl flooring offers a wide variety of colors and styles for an array of uses from bathrooms to kitchens and other rooms of the home from big name manufacturers such as Armstrong and Mannington. Like laminate flooring the look of a vinyl floor is actually a pattern layer on the surface of the floor.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to ceramic floors we suggest you look into our selection of vinyl flooring.

The visible layer in laminate is known as the “pattern layer” and is protected by a thin layer of laminate, commonly made of aluminum oxide which is resistant to scratches, burns, chipping, dents, which makes it suitable for high traffic areas. It is also much cheaper than its hardwood counterpart. The pattern layer is made from a screen that is created to imitate the look of real wood or tile floors. High Density Fiber (HDF) is the core layer, which is moisture resistant and durable. The HDF layer is very difficult to scratch or stain and structured as a locking system to ease the installation process.

All laminate flooring is installed using the free-floating method, therefore laminate flooring is a floating-floor and lies on top of the sub-floor. It is easy to install as well as uninstall. While some brands still make glue together planks, most have switched to a no glue locking system, which allows the planks to snap together in no time. The glue-less style allows replacement of individual when needed, which makes laminate, extremely affordable to maintain and installed. It is possible to do it without professional help.

For consumers shopping on a budget that are looking for a great looking floor that will last and is easy to maintain laminate is the choice for you.

laminate Flooring laminate flooring



Vinyl flooring offers a wide variety of colors and styles for an array of uses from bathrooms to kitchens and other rooms of the home from big name manufacturers such as Armstrong and Mannington. Like laminate flooring the look of a vinyl floor is actually a pattern layer on the surface of the floor.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to ceramic floors we suggest you look into our selection of vinyl flooring.

Like broadloom carpet, sheet vinyl or resilient flooring offers a broad spectrum of style and color, and new technologies can replicate textures found in natural materials, such as stone or wood, or even woven flooring, such as sisal. Vinyl is more forgiving underfoot than other hard surfaces, is wear and stain resistant and easy to clean, and it is the preferred flooring wherever moisture is present. In addition to sheets, vinyl flooring comes in easy-to-install tiles.

Vinyl Flooring Vinyl Flooring Vinyl Flooring



We are proud of our creative designers and installers of their ability to implement any Custom Design, any Layout on floors or on walls using materials of your choice for your unique and personal projects.

Examples of custom designs:

Nadine Floor Company also offers Complete Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling using natural stones, porcelain tiles, glass tile or any material of your choice, in addition to Fireplace resurfacing.

No matter how complex your project is we can do it all Visit one of our locations for specials and pricings. The page will show the following photos:

Plano Carpet Wooden Flooring Plano Carpet Wooden Flooring

Kitchen Remodeling

Vinyl Tile Flooring Tile Flooring Vinyl Tile Flooring Tile Flooring

Granite Countertops

Wood FlooringPlano Carpet

Bathroom Remodeling

Ceramic Tile Laminate Flooring Ceramic Tile Laminate Flooring Laminate Flooring Tile Flooring Laminate Flooring Tile Flooring Wood Flooring Wooden Flooring Wood Flooring Wooden Flooring Nadine Floors Company

Custom Designs

Nadine Floors Company Ceramic Tile Flooring Nadine Floors Company Ceramic Tile Flooring



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About Us

Superior Service & Professional Advice

You can trust our experienced staff to provide you with top quality service; from planning and inspiring design ideas, to selecting the right floor for your needs. We handle all the details--big or small--so you can focus on enjoying your beautiful new flooring.

Fresh Design & Easy Help

Looking for the latest design trends? Not sure what you want? We have the product and design expertise to help you achieve an informed decision to that's work for you. We are here to help you, offer you what is right for you regardless of price -- not sales pitches -- and get the floor of your dreams that falls in within your budget.

Large Selection

No matter what your flooring need, we have the solution. We offer a wide selection of quality flooring. We buy the best products available in the market today. Our extensive selection of colors, styles and patterns can satisfy every style, design, budget and lifestyle.

Buying Power

Our buying power assures you some of the best prices in quality floor covering products. We buy direct, and by truckloads to save you money. At Nadine you pay truckloads prices.


Customer Testimonials

Please Click here to send any comments

We had our floors done in October by you all and are SO HAPPY with them. Very satisfied customers!

We received a free area rug from your East Plano store after our work was
completed and I'd very much like to find coordinating runners and/or smaller
sizes of the same area rug for our entry areas. I'm attaching 2 pictures of
the area rug we received from you in hopes you can tell me where/how I could purchase other pieces of this collection as it's important they match the one we got from you!

Any help or info you can provide will be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

Lisa Hightower

Rania, thank you for being my new floor liaison! There was never a question about the work of the crew/installation of the first floor, but the product itself didn't meet my expectations. Nadine Floors stood by its word of wanting the customer to be satisfied and I am so impressed that you put in a brand new floor with a different product. The second crew of installers was top notch as well. I will do business with your company in the future and have told everyone how great Nadine Floors is!


I am sending this e-mail to say how pleased i am with Nadine floors and especially with Rania Okasheh.
This past summer I had a terrible experience with a local contractor we had hired to install new tile and wood floors in our home. The results were unsatisfactory and i remembered a friend telling me they had just had their floors replaced by Nadine floors and were very happy with the results. We fired the contractor in despair and i called Nadine floors and luckily Rania was there that day. She understood my frustration and came over that day and assessed the situation and was honest about what needed to be done. I went to the showroom and she helped me make my selections which was very hepful. Within a few days we had a beautiful new floor that was installed by a very competent crew.
I am so glad Rania was there the day I made the call. She is a very knowledgeable salesperson and really cares about the customer. I will recommend your company to my friends and especially encourage them to ask for Rania!

Thank you again,

Nancy LaVerdure


We are thrilled with how it turned out and appreciate your guidance and help throughout the process! You were wonderful and professional and we enjoyed working with you very much. Your installation crew was amazing and went out of their way to insure our kitchen counters and floor was completed to our satisfaction.


Terry & Roger Cloninger


Thank you Rania I want all to know that you are the best floor salesperson I have come across; She is professional, courteous and Integrous. She worked with me patiently and tirelessly in designing an outdoor floor in my backyard. She made repeated personal visits on an as-needed basis to my house to collaborate with me on my floor project whenever I desired to change something in the design plan. And her prices cannot be beat. The end result is top-quality work that is a joy to look at every day. I highly recommend Nadine Floor Company and Rania to anyone desiring floor work, custom design or any others. The workers were extremely professional hard working and have a great experience with them all


Shashi Kumar

Plano, TX


To the owner of the Nadine Floor Company:

I am writing to express our appreciation and commendation for the excellent job Nadine did installing hardwood floors in our home. I think the demands of the job were well above average, but your team more than rose to the occasion.
First, we greatly appreciated Ranya, who came to our home and helped us decide the kind of wood we wanted and where we wanted it placed. It was her suggestion that we include our garden room as it would unify our house and take away the added on look. She was right. The result was outstanding.

Second, we greatly appreciated Geronimo who came to our home when the crew was uncertain if they could do what the contract called for. He looked at the situation, determined that Nadine would honor the contract, and assured us it would be done. “Right, right.” And it was. Geronimo also came back the next day to lay out how the room would be leveled and created the concrete strips that guided the workers as they raised and leveled the floor so the wood could be put in place. Good job.

Finally, and most importantly, I wish to commend the crew of Carlos, Jorge, and “El Cubano” (I never learned his name, but did discover he is originally from Cuba, so I dubbed him ‘El Cubano’), the three men who did most of the actual work. Led by Carlos, they were outstanding. I never saw them shirking on the job, no long breaks or extended lunch hours, in fact, at least one shortened lunch hour. At times, Carlos was almost running to get the job done. We know the job took longer than you planned, but no one cut any corners to speed up the process. They worked steadily and effectively, were absolutely trustworthy (we often left them alone in our home), and represented Nadine Flooring well. Without them, none of your promises would have come true. And I was quite impressed with the diversity of their skills: movers (carefully done), taking up tile (sometimes using a jack hammer, other times a sledge hammer), concrete workers, carpenters, hardwood floor layers, floor finishers, and sweepers – they did a good job of getting the clean up started. And all of this with smiles and a good sense of humor – I really enjoyed Carlos as a person. You are fortunate to have such capable and fine men working for you.

So, once again, thank you for the job well done. We are truly satisfied customers.

William Lawrence



I just want to let you know what an enjoyable experience I had during a recent carpet purchase and installation. From the time I entered the West Plano location Rania educated me and helped me make a decision I feel great about. Also, Martin and Juan were the best installation team that I have ever seen. Fast, anxious to please, just great. My husband and I will definitely refer your company to our friends.

Dwayne and Julia Pipkins

Serving Him with Gladness

Dear Nadine Floors,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job your crew did on our new tile flooring. The men were always on-time and very professional. The detailed work they did was impeccable and the floor in our kitchen looks marvelous!

A special thanks to Musa Ifteiha. Musa came to our house and took the floor measurements. He was so very nice and professional and assured me that everything would be taken care of just the way I wanted it. And it was! Far beyond our expectations! Musa helped my husband and I pick out just the right tile, and was VERY patient with me when I changed my mind time and again trying to decide on one I liked the best.

We will recommend your store to all of our family and friends. We have gotten a tremendous amount of compliments on our new tile. We have used other flooring stores in Plano in the past and have been less than pleased with their work. Now I know there is a place I can trust!

Thank you so much!


~ Mr. and Mrs. William Herlehy ~


Nadine floors came and installed carpet for us on the entire 2nd floor last week. Martin and his crew did an outstanding job. Russell (sales) from west Plano store is very pleasant to work with. Plus, the price is good. If you want good price and good installation, they are tough to beat. I am tired of ... add-on pricing (stairs, furniture moving, padding, haul away, etc.) and unpredictable installation (3rd party contractors).

Now we are thinking about our next project...

Definitely will recommend them to all my friends.

P.S. communicate closely with the crew on installation details, they are willing to accommodate your specific needs.

Thanks Nadine

~ Will ~

We had Nadines (Frisco office) to install our Mannington wood floors on our stairs and upstairs last week. We matched the flooring that was existing in our home and they did a fabulous job! We had one room installed by .... a year ago and the job done by Nadines was far superior. Nadine's installers were professional and courteous as well as perfect with their job. They removed the baseboards to put the flooring under it at the walls and then replaced and caulked after flooring was installed. This is the way it should be done. .... didn't do that, they put quarter round down to hide the cut edges, which doesn't look as smooth in my opinion.

Usually when we have work done in our house we have come to expect some kind of damage done, work that is less than perfect, or a mess afterward, but in this case we didn't have any of that. I am pretty picky when it comes to my home, but I have absolutely no complaints and nothing but praise for the work we had from Nadines. The installers really went the extra mile. I had purchased some floor protectors to put under our furniture and, without me even asking them to, the installers noticed them and put them under everything before moving the furniture back in.

Jeronimo and his crew were so great! I don't know if you can request a certain crew or not, but if you can I would highly recommend them.

I saw some of the negative reviews on here and was sort of hesitant. Before I called to get a quote we checked out the BBB website and saw that they had an "A" rating, so we went ahead and called. The salesperson told us everything they would do and didn't mislead us as it has been reported in previous reviews. We also got our free area rug with no hassle. We just went to the Plano store and chose which rug we wanted and the gentleman there was very patient with us as I made up my mind. Also, we paid an extremely reasonable price that my husband was even happy with! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

~ Serene in Plano~

I have trouble believing the negative reviews on this site too... I had wood floors put in my front room with them about a year ago and the quality of work and service I received was outstanding. I got pinnacle hardwood floors to match other rooms and they gave me a WAY better price than other Pinnacle dealers, including ..... Actually, the work they did was superior to the previous install job that had been done by the previous owner in other rooms. I did tell the owner at the time that there were negative reviews on this site and he seemed truly surprised. Based on my experience, I would definitely refer them to a friend.

~ Jared in McKinney~

We were hesitant to use this company at first based on a couple of reviews on here, but we checked out the Better Business Bureau's website, and when we saw nothing but a positive report, we went with them. They just finished our hardwood and granite, and everything looks gorgeous! The installers were great, the sales reps easy to work with, and everything went smoothly! We will be recommending you guys to all our friends!

~ Freddie ~

Recently I posted an bad review of Nadine's flooring due to a unpleasant sales person that we encountered. The morning after, Moses, the owner of Nadine's, called to apologize. He apologize and informed us that sales person was no longer with his company. He gave us a great deal on our floors and they just finished installing them a few weekends ago. They look marvelous. Moses even called to make sure we were happy with the work.

~ ETG ~

We have used Nadine Floor Co. several times over the last three years. I have primarily worked with the Plano location, and have always been very pleased with the work and service provided. The sales reps are polite and professional. The installations (we had wood, tile, and granite installed) were beyond our expectations. The installers were prompt and went out of their way to complete every detail needed to finish out the jobs. Our home looks beautiful! We are excited about using this company again in the future!

~ Repeat Customer ~

Our recent experience with Nadine Floor Co. was very positive. For the renovation of our newly purchased house, they installed handscraped/engineered maple hardwood floor downstairs + stairway + upstairs game room + new carpets for all 4 bedrooms. The work was beautifully done! They worked hard on Sat. and Sun. to complete the job, in order to meet the committed schedule. They did extra work to repair the subfloor upstairs preparing for the proper installation. The owner/president, Mr. Moses Neel, was extremely pleasant to work with, and his crew was excellent, as shown in the work done on the stairs and around the corners and doorjamb, etc. One piece of marble was accidently broken on the fireplace upstairs during installation, and they sent a guy to repair it promptly after we reported the problem.

Overall, we were very impressed by the Nadine Floor Co,, with their quality work, great price, and excellent customer service!

~ Birdnest ~

"My wife and I just love our new floors. The carpet is so soft and the tile is beautiful. Thank you Nadine's on a job well done. We would definitely come back if we ever needed to, although I think the new floors will last a very long time."

~ Chris and Janet ~

"Thanks so much for a great job! My house looks fabulous! I especially love the kitchen. Your workers were also first class and I will recommend you without hesitation."

~ C. Miller ~

"Thank you very much for the quality service rendered. We appreciate your flexibility to meet our unique requirements. It was a well executed job. We are very happy!"

~ Bala ~

"I had hand-scraped wood floors put in today by your company. I wanted to write and email to express my gratitude to Ismail at your Plano location. These floors are BEAUTIFUL!

Gerardo and his crew did an EXCELLENT job putting the floors in and cleaning up prior to and after installation.

I have wanted wood floors for over a year and could not find a company that I was truly satisfied with. I am so glad I saw your flyer in the ads in my mailbox a few months ago because finally I found a company that I can trust. The product is great and the workmanship/installation seems flawless. Ismail was a great salesperson and exemplified awesome customer service.

Thank you again, Ismail, for working with me and making my dream home filled with wood flooring become a reality.

I am putting a referral for Nadine Floors in my community blog and I am telling all my friends!"

~ A. Montero ~

"Your crew did an excellent job! Clean up was outstanding!"

~ I. Fischer ~

"Dear Ismael,

I wanted to thank you for the job your team completed with our new floors, bathroom tile and countertops.

The tile work was excellent and completed in a very professional and timely fashion. Our carpet has never looked so good. Your help in choosing the brand, style and color was perfect. We could not be more pleased.

Our new granite counter tops are magnificent. While we had one issue in the master bath, and through no fault of your own, you stood behind your word and the job was completed to our satisfaction.

When we first met and discussed contracting with your company, you said that you stand behind your work and guaranteed our satisfaction. That is exactly what you did. I highly recommend you and your company. Please feel free to list us as a reference.

Thank you again and should we need additional work, we will get in touch with you."

~ Phillip Stobaugh ~

" I have received many compliments on the selecion of the laminate wood flooring and tile and the professional installation performed by your installation crews. Clearly, I am very pleased and satisfied with my experiences with Nadine Floor Company. [...] Your personal assistance in selection of the right laminate flooring and tile to fit the decor of the house was greatly appreciated. Thanks for a job well done."

~ R. French ~

"Based on a friends recommendation, we chose Nadine Floor Company to install granite countertops, stone backsplash, and both tile and hardwood flooring. The workmanship was excellent in all aspects, superior to any work we have had done over the past 15 years. Ismail Neel [a Nadine Rep in our Plano location] managed the project well - in a timely and highly organized manner, keeping customer satisfaction as his priority. We would highly recommend Nadine's and rate them in the top 10% of their profession."

~ C. and M. Aavard ~

"We checked several places before deciding on Nadine Floors, where we found the prices to be competitive and actually lower in some cases. The work was completed as promised. We have received many compliments on the laminate wood flooring and much interest. The professional installation and furniture removal was definitely appreciated. We are pleased with the job and had we known it would be this beautiful, we certainly would have done it sooner!"

~ The Edward Family ~

"Thank you so much for doing such a professional job in helping me with the installation of new tile in my bathroom. I am so glad you have opened a location in Frisco and would like to go on record saying you and your employees are the best! The process went exactly as you promised and I am 100% satisfied. Having come from a background of selling new construction, I know all the horror stories but you and your crew did not let me down. I would recommend you to all of my friends.....and I will!"

~ S. Burgan ~

"We spent over a year looking for flooring and interacted with many different people. Rania by far is the best person we dealt with. She was receptive, informative and most of all not pushy. She truly took the time to explain the entire process from start to finish - what to expect, how to prepare, etc. This was extremely helpful since this was our first hardwood flooring project. The installers were terrific as well. Extremely professional and fast. We were amazed how much they accomplished in such a short period of time. Also, we had a very unique request in the way the floors were stained. We gave them photos of a similar floor we saw in a department store and they were able to replicate the design for us - it came out amazing. Overall, we are very please with Nadine Flooring, Rania and the installation team.

Our next project is putting tile in the master bathroom and we're looking forward to working with you guys again. "

~ Bojan and Lani Gospavic ~

"Nadine Floors did a great job on our Granite countertop and tumbled stone backsplash order. The detail and craftsmanship of Luis and his partner while installing the tumbled stone backsplash were amazing. We plan to use their services in the future for other home projects and recommend others to do the same.


~ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spence ~

Dear Rania,

I still get up every morning and marvel at the transformation to our home. It had not had any significant updates since it was completed in 1990. You changed all that by helping us take it from blah to beautiful.

It all began in October 2010 when I came into Nadine and talked to you about a carpet remnant for my home office. I was immediately impressed when you treated my little $600 sale and installation with the professionalism of a million dollar job. I mentioned to you we would be doing some updating in our home the first of the year and you invited me to contact you then.

In February we contracted with the painters to paint our formal living room, dining room and entry. I met with you to see what we could do with our floors. You came to our home to see what you had to work with, took measurements, and set a time for my husband and I to meet you at the showroom in Plano.

The appointed time arrived and my husband informed me, as we went in, that we needed to stay within our budget and not to “go crazy”. You had put together a proposal that literally blew us away. The quote you prepared for wood and marble floors, and granite counter tops throughout the whole house was not much more than we had anticipated spending on the living room, dining room and entry only. Needless to say my husband signed on the dotted line and from that point on our home has not been the same.

Your contractors and workers who came for the various projects were professional and helpful. They considered my questions and suggestions and recommended the best way. I can’t say there were no problems. You just can’t expect a job this big to be problem free. My philosophy is however, anybody can handle things when they go smooth. It takes a true professional to get through problems and challenges with grace and keep the customer happy. Your team most definitely accomplished that.

My special thanks to Juan for the beautiful job on the granite. They were so professional and made some suggestions for the job that turned out to be wonderful. And when they were finished, they even offered to spray the dust off my car. Also, Effron and his guys worked hard on our marble. There were some challenges with the supplier, but you all handled it professional and with a lot more patience than I had. And last, Geronimo and the wood team. In and out, and the floors are exquisite. They made a messy job quick and simple for us. Thanks to you all for your hard work and professionalism and the respectful way you treated us and our home.

We will be finishing up with our master bed and bath next year and look forward to working with you again.

~ D. & S. Balistreri ~

We recently purchased wood flooring and carpet from Nadine Floor Company in West Plano. Sami Berrahou was our salesman who helped us with our selection, schedule, and financial arrangements. He was extremely responsive and patient throughout the process including during the installation phase and his customer service was exemplary. We had some concerns with the product we selected right before the installation and Sami provided several alternatives to ensure we were happy with our final decision. Overall, he is easy to work with and very knowledgeable about all of the products we discussed (and we really did have a lot of questions along the way). We are quite happy with our decision to go with Nadine Floor company and would use them again as well as recommend them to family and friends.

Thank you very much.

~ D. & M. Bridgewater ~

My wife and I just wanted to take the time to let you know that we are very, very pleased with the work your company did for us.

We visited your west Plano store back in July. Right when we came in, we were treated with the best of service. Sami (the salesperson) warmly welcomed us, gave us a tour of the store, and took the time to perfectly answer all of our (stupid) questions. Sami also told us we were probably not gonna be happy with the choices my wife and I made, and instead recommended other options for styles and colors. looking back now and seeing how beautiful our house is, WE ARE GLAD HE TOLD US WE WERE MAKING THE WRONG CHOICES!! His recommendations were simply the best fit for our home.

We bought hand-scrapped hardwood for the entire downstairs and carpet for the upstairs. Everything looks and performs GREAT :) Thank you.

Installation was also very professional!! I take off my hat to Geronimo and his crew, they were amazing. The carpet installation was done by Martin and he is fantastic.

My wife and I thank all of you for making this major remodeling of ours go so smooth and so perfect.

A special thanks to Sami.Without his excellent service, patience, and awesome recommendations, we would not have contracted with Nadine Floors and this great experience would not have taken place. Sami, thank you. You are the best!!!!


~ Mark and Lindsey L ~


Thank you for all the great assistance and your recommendations on updating the flooring and counter tops in our home. The decision to invest money on updating to help sell our home quickly paid off! The first buyer to see our new home and the updates gave us an offer. The new granite counter tops and wood, tile and carpet flooring you helped us pick out that was installed by your contractors was beautiful and help increase the value of our home to the new buyers.

Your personal assistance through the process of product selection and installation was very helpful. You really helped us make smart decisions and the house looks great. Thanks again for all of your help and hard work. We appreciate your efforts and will definitely recommend you and Nadine Floors to our friends.

~ Loretta Clark ~

Dear Rania,

Laurie, Marie and I would like to express our appreciation to you and your staff for the excellent services you provided us these past few weeks as we have remodeled our 4,000 square foot 25 year old house that now looks better than new. With your personal touch we have a more functional home for entertaining and enjoying our new family retreat.

While I had investigated three other flooring companies and their quotes for us at re-carpeting our first floor, I walked into your Coit store and found your consulting style refreshing. You guided us to different flooring options and the cost per square foot to come under our budget. When you came out to measure, you made a number of fresh decorating suggestions based on resale value and our lifestyle. We picked out carpet color, style, quality and padding. We selected from your wide range of store flooring settling on Travertine in a diamond pattern for the bathrooms and main high use areas. Finally, we selected the Granite for the counter tops and back splash in the kitchen based on your functional knowledge of our family’s needs and their living style.

Well it all worked fabulously during the September month of installation with your in-house crews. Granite Stone started on the Tuesday after Labor-day by first tearing out the Formica countertops, cleaning up and installing the Santa Cecilia granite counters. They look great with the grain matching perfectly. Next the backsplash tiling crew from Efferian Delgado came out and spent a couple of days performing an artisan design to match the granite in the kitchen. This took a couple of days and Kay, who managed the project flawlessly from beginning to end, had previous crews back to touch up issues.

Then the next Monday, the heavy lifting began with over 1000 square feet of Travertine tile installed after removing our ceramic tile while containing the dust with sheets of plastic. It took two days to clean up the flooring and another day to prepare the cracked concrete by putting a membrane film over everything and finally laying the travertine stone for us to see the pattern and approving the layout before setting it in place. Efferian’s four man crew spent five days installing over 4 tons of stone and mortar as an artist would put a puzzle together! The crew was willing to make changes and meet any concerns of ours with positive answers. We went through 3 cases of Cokes and lots of bottles of water!

Last, the installation of the Mohawk carpet began with cleaning off the 1st and 2nd floors while rolling in new carpet and pink padding with your crew headed by Martin Garcia. They were great as they treated the moving furniture and installing the carpet throughout the house as if they lived there. They worked around my home office to minimize downtime to an afternoon. And the carpet feels just wonderful and looks great. Your suggestion for the bright red with gold diamonds carpet on the stairs was perfect.

Again, thanks for the great experience and we are enjoying the results! See Pictures on next page.

Sincerely yours,

~ Josh and Laurie Thomas ~

To Whom It May Concern:

I couldn’t be happy with the results of my hardwood floors in my home. I was so scared to make a decision had it not been for Ranya, I would have never committed to this job or this company. She had the insight, patience and experience to get the job done right. My entire house has been transformed in to my dream home. From the first moment I set foot in Nadine’s Floors to the last worker walking out of my home was a wonderful experience. I have continually praised Ranya and Nadine Floors for the quality of work and materials; I would only recommend your company for anyone with remodeling needs.


Desiree Groves

~ McKinney, Texas ~


The guys were here yesterday to replace the living/dining room carpet. They did a nice job, were very courteous and left everything nice and clean.

Many thanks to you and Moses for honoring the warranty on our Mohawk carpet and your word to stand by your products....all the more reason for continuing to recommend your company to others in need ot flooring, etc.

Pls. know that your head-guy, Jorges (George) in English was superb!!

Thanks again,

~Betty & Charlie LeBlanc~

A quality product installed by exceptional installers. Couldn’t be happier with the whole project. Very efficient and painless process of remodeling done in several rooms. The installers were timely and created very little disturbance to the activities of a busy household. If you are looking for an end result that will very likely prompt another remodeling project, go see Nadine Floors. Their product selection and installation process are nothing but the best.



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Why choose hardwood floors?


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “indoor air pollution is one risk that you can do something about” and added that it is one top health threats. Wood floors can contribute to a healthy living environment since hard surface flooring, such as hardwood, does not trap or harbor dust mites, or mold which could cause respiratory health issues like allergies and asthma.


Since wood is a natural resource, unlike most floor coverings, and sustainable. Long gone are the days when the trees were cut down with little thought for the long term consequences for the future of our world today. Most timber is cut from forests that are carefully managed to ensure continued resources in the future. Recent studies found almost twice as much timber is added every year than is harvested. In addition there is more standing hardwood timber today than there was 50 years ago.


Wood floors have come a long way in the past few years. Today there are more styles of species of wood flooring than ever before. Whether you are looking for traditional pine, exotic Wengé wood or trendy bamboo-you can be sure to find a color or style to fit your taste.


With today's advances in wood flooring stealing and finishes, cleaning your hardwood floor has never been easier. Regular maintenance requires little more than sweeping with a micro fiber mop and when necessary, a light hardwood floor cleaner for those tough spills.


Wood floor is cozy and intimate, it fills your home with the warm spirit of wood.


Beautiful wood flooring does not cost much more than a quality carpet. However, it is cost effective on the long run. Unlike carpet, wood flooring lasts for years, in addition, wood flooring could increase your house value and encourage buyers to make offers.



What is the difference between "ceramic," "porcelain”?
Ceramic tiles are the standard tiles and are usually made from red clay baked on high temperature with a glaze on the top. The only part of a ceramic tile that is waterproof or stains proof is the top where the glaze is.

Porcelain uses finer clay with smaller particles, compressed at high pressure squeezing more material into the same space. It is then baked at a higher temperature than ceramic therefore the entire body of porcelain tile resists water and stains and can be used outdoors, but cannot install ceramic outdoors.

Does tile chip and crack?
Tile can be very fragile product prior to installation, but once it is installed, it becomes part of your construction and will not chip or crack unless hit with a heavy object or natural disasters such as earthquakes. It is very durable and should last a lifetime if it’s installed correctly and maintained properly.


Natural Stone

What types of natural stone are there?
The basic types of natural stones are travertine, marble, granite and slate. Any of these can take a lot of abuse and last many years. However, Marble, travertine takes a little more maintenance and care. Your lifestyle and your own home design will determine which fits your house.

Do natural stones require sealing?
All stones need to be sealed. Marble, travertine, and other types of soft stone must be kept well sealed or they may stain. It is recommended to apply a sealer that is made for natural stone. Granite, on the other hand is extremely hard and naturally resistant to stains.

Note that most stones such as marble, granite and some travertine and even slate could be polished by the manufacture but are still porous and subject to staining. We recommend them to be sealed with a penetrating sealer.

Are certain stones more practical to use as kitchen counters than others?
We suggest Granite because its ability to stand acid among heat and other abuses. Lemon is a citric acid that will not harm granite. However if it’s applied to marble, or travertine, for an example, the stone starts to dissolve immediately, and heat could also damage marble and travertine.

If my stone has a polished (shiny) finish, does it still need to be sealed?
Most marble, granite and some travertine and even slate is available with a factory polished finish.  These polished stones are still porous, subject to staining, and should be sealed with a penetrating-type sealer.



Thank You

Thank You!!!

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